Spread Joy: Support #TransMascFutures

🌟 On June 7, 2023, InReach and GLAAD launched the #TransMascFutures Campaign. This trans-led initiative celebrates 100+ stories of trans joy and boosts access to safe resources via the free InReach App. Learn more: transmascfutures.inreach.org 📱

In 2024, urgency remains high. 550+ anti-trans bills loom across 42 states, with 27 already passed into law. These bills threaten health care for minors and adults, student rights, and trans visibility.

Your donations will:
- Add more stories of trans joy from trans men and trans masculine adults located across the U.S. to #TransMascFutures;
- Continue technical development of both the #TransMascFutures website and the free InReach App (new features will ensure thousands more people can access safe resources);
- Expand trans resource coverage in the free InReach App (identifying, independently vetting and adding thousands more resources serving trans folks and their loved ones to InReach's open source platform);
- Extend the campaign's reach to uplift and support more trans youth, families, communities, and members of the wider public.

Together, we can ensure more trans young people are able to reach their futures. Donate today, and let's build a world where all trans people thrive. 🚀